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This site is dedicated to helping the victims of war crimes in cases pending before the ICC seek reparations for the harms done to them.  Currently the International Criminal Court has ongoing cases in Sudan, Uganda, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and The Central African Republic. The Reparations Center for Victims of War Crimes is affiliated with Attorney John L. Fossum and the Fossum Law Office, LLC.

Attorney John L. Fossum

John L. Fossum is admitted to practice before the International Criminal Court the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. He is a member of the International Criminal Bar/Barreau Penal International, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Association of Defense Counsel Practicing before the ICTY. He graduated from William Mitchell College of Law and Macalester College and studied international law at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

What application does International Criminal Law have in Minnesota?

Victims of War Crimes have a right to seek representation at the International Criminal Court and to recover reparations including financial support, psychological and medical rehabilitation and ultimately compensation.  They also have a right to counsel at court expense.

Who is eligible?

Victims of war crimes from countries that have open cases before the International Criminal Court, at the moment, that is Darfur, Sudan, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Central African Republic.  The court has also approved an investigation into post-election violence in Kenya.  No indictments have yet been issued in Kenya, though the prosecutor has reportedly tendered several names to the court.

War crimes and crimes against humanity include the conscription and use of child soldiers, murder, rape, sexual slavery, genocide or attempted genocide, attacks targeting civilians, and attacks targeting specific ethnic or regional groups.  Examples might include combatants who attack a village, or campaigns waged against specific identifiable groups.  Between combatants, the murder of potential prisoners or holding prisoners under inhumane conditions may qualify as war crimes.

Would the Victims have to testify against the war criminals?

Victims have to establish their identity and entitlement to reparations, they may participate anonymously in the proceedings but may not be forced to testify.  The court also has protective measures available to prevent the accused or their supporters from taking action against the victims or witnesses.

What Services does The Reparations Center for Victims of War Crimes, provide to the Victims of War Crimes?

The Reparations Center for Victims of War Crimes and Fossum Law Office, LLC will help eligible victims fill out the necessary forms, prove their identity and eligibility for reparations and seek the services, compensation and reparations the court finds the victims eligible to receive.

Do the Victims need a Lawyer?

Yes, according to the court’s website.  If the application to participate does not include a selection of counsel, the court will assign the Office of Public Counsel for Victims in The Hague to represent the victims.  The victims also have a right to lawyers of their choosing, among the lawyers admitted to practice before the court.  A lawyer in the geographic area of the victim would be able to keep in contact with the victims and provide them with information about their cases.

Is there a fee charged to the Victims?

No. The Reparations Center for Victims of War Crimes and Fossum Law Office, LLC will seek compensation under the court appointment system and be reimbursed for its time and expenses solely by the court. Fossum Law Office, LLC will not seek or accept compensation from any portion of the funds available to or owing to the victims represented.  Any benefits received will be the property of the victims alone.

Persons eligible to seek reparations are asked to contact John L. Fossum at the Fossum Law Office, LLC.  Phone Numbers 507-645-0002, 952-232-5865, Fax/Voice Mail: 1-800-492-3846.  Or contact by email, info at or info at

Fax/Voice Mail in The Hague, Netherlands: +31 (0)70 891 0689.

The Reparations Center for Victims of War Crimes and Fossum Law Office, LLC  have offices in

International Plaza 7900 International Drive – Suite 200 Bloomington, MN,

516 South Water, Suite 103, Northfield, MN 55057.

Correspondence should be addressed to 516 South Water, Suite 103 Northfield, MN 55057

Meetings are by appointment only.

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    I am 55 years old Iraqi citizen, medical doctor IN PROFESSION. I worked with the United Nations Office in Iraq from 1998-2005. The Office was blown up as a result of a terrorist attack by a mined vehicle. I received severe wounds for which I underwent many surgeries howevere I am left with permanent disability and persistant PTSD. My brother in law who was guarding my house while we were away because of death threats, was abducted for few days then he was killed. His body was found a week later in the garbage container. According to my disability and my brother in law’s murder both families are hopleless and helpless. Very little compensation was paid to me from the UN but nothing was paid to my brother in law who was killed because he is a relative of someone who works with the United Nations (Myself). During the peake of terrorism all UN workers were considered as spies and should be decapitated. Detailed documentations are available on request. I need to be compensated for myself and for the murdered brother in law.


  2. Unfortunately, Dr. Al-Rawi, neither the United States, nor Iraq is a signatory to the International Criminal Court treaty, so this claim is not within the scope of the practice of the Reparations Center for Victims of War Crimes. I wish we could be of more assistance to you.

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