Maldives Ratifies the ICC Treaty

The Maldives this week became the 118th nation to ratify the Rome Statute.   The Rome Statute is the founding document of the International Criminal Court and the countries that have ratified it subject their citizens to potential prosecution at the court for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, if the acts are not capable of being prosecuted in national jurisdictions.

The International Criminal Court, based in The Hague, The Netherlands, is funded by the nations which have ratified the treaty, called the Assembly of State’s Parties.  Currently, all the situations before the court are in Africa.  The court is prosecuting cases in Kenya, the Darfur region of Sudan, Central African Republic, Uganda,  and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

One thought on “Maldives Ratifies the ICC Treaty”

  1. It seems inherently iagelooicdl to say they can help themselves and intervention (or help) must be wrong similar to the baseless claim made by Milton Friedman’s ilk in a different context. This region has never fully known peace in the modern era. And this is in part because of the history of rapacious (Belgian) colonialism in the region, which DRC is still suffering from. Does that mean the West’ should not interfere as it will do more damage, or that it has a responsibility to do so? Neither argument is based on an evidence-based assessment of which would produce the materially beneficial outcome. The charge of neo-colonialism, as you say, is used frequently, but usually ill-defined, and for that reason, pretty redundant.In relation to the second possible criticism that you suggest namely, of selectivity the abuse highlighted here is about the use of child soldiers! That’s not a problem that occurs too frequently in North America or Western Europe but it is an abuse that certainly should be stopped, let alone highlighted. And it’s simply not true at all to say critical campaigns are always aimed at African states or countries of the global South. Look at John Pilger’s documentaries that blast America, or Clive Stafford-Smith’s long-running campaign to highlight the abuses in Guantanamo for just a couple of examples.Good point about the experts telling people they don’t understand the context. Perhaps they don’t, but now they are interested. Which is a first (and probably necessary) step to understanding

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