ICC Opens Ivory Coast Probe

The International Criminal Court (ICC) announced this week that the prosecutor has opened an investigation into the recent post election violence in Ivory Coast.  Pre-Trial Chamber II has been assigned to oversee the investigation.  Although Ivory Coast has not ratified the Rome Statute and is not a state party, it  accepted the court’s jurisdiction in April of 2003, and again this year.

According to the press release, the prosecutor has determined that crimes within the jurisdiction of the court, meaning war crimes, crimes against humanity or acts of genocide, have occurred in Ivory Coast since November of 2010.  The decision is available here. The prosecution’s request to open a case is available here.

5 thoughts on “ICC Opens Ivory Coast Probe”

  1. ABIDJAN June 28 Reuters – An International Criminal Court investigation into alleged war crimes during Ivory Coasts post-election conflict will focus on all parties to it and protect nobody the deputy prosecutor said on Tuesday.. Gbagbo is currently being detained in northern Ivory Coast awaiting trial by Ivorian courts — for war crimes but also for alleged corruption embezzlement and other alleged economic crimes as is his wife Simone and several close aides..

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