Third Lubanga Victim Testifies Seeking Reparations

A third child soldier victim of Thomas Lubanga testified about the treatment of young soldiers at the direction of Lubanga.  The victim testified about his abduction and conscription into the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC in French).  A detailed report on the day of testimony is available here.

The testimony is part of the court’s unique process allowing the victims to participate in the case as it goes on, and to seek reparations.  The reparations will be funded by the victims fund, persons convicted may be directed to contribute by paying fines as well as serving sentences, but the fund will also be supported the state’s parties.

Persons who have a potential claim before the court can seek victim’s status and appointed counsel to represent their interests.  A person who applies may choose their own lawyer at the time of the application, or they will be assigned to the Office of the Public Counsel for Victims, which will handle the case within their pool of cases.

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